Michael Keller

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Michael Keller教授

  Michael Keller(迈克·凯勒),昆虫学教授,2019年加盟青岛农业大学威澳门尼斯人官网欢迎您。他于1985年在北卡罗莱纳州立大学获得昆虫学博士学位,1980年在佛罗里达大学获得硕士学位,1978年在特拉华大学获得昆虫学学士学位和生物学学士学位;于1987年加入阿德莱德大学。他的研究主要集中在昆虫天敌及其在害虫生物防治中的作用。他对捕食者和寄生蜂的研究旨在通过实验和理论的结合,为加强农业系统的生物控制提供生态策略。他还对授粉的研究做出了贡献。他于2018年1月被任命为阿德莱德大学名誉教授。曾任韦特学院院长、农业、食品与葡萄酒学院院长和韦特研究所所长。

  Mike Keller is appointed as professor of entomology at Qingdao Agricultural University in 2019. He was appointed Emeritus Professor at the University of Adelaide in January 2018. He was formerly Dean of the Waite Campus, Head of the School of Agriculture, Food & Wine, and Director of the Waite Research Institute. Mike is an entomologist who joined the University of Adelaide in 1987. His research largely focuses on insect natural enemies and their role in biological control of insect pests. His research on predators and parasitic wasps aims to provide ecological strategies for the enhancement of biological control in agricultural systems through a combination of experimental and theoretical advances. He has also contributed to research on the pollination. Mike received a PhD in Entomology from North Carolina State University in 1985, an M. Sc. From the University of Florida in 1980, and a B. Sc. In Entomology and B. A. IN Biology from the University of Delaware in 1978.

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